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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about how footballcv.com works for its members. If you have a question that isn't covered by our frequently asked questions, please contact us to send in your queries.

How does footballcv.com work for its members and how do I join?

When you have registered with us your CV is put onto our website. No personal contact details are given out. Scouts and managers from all levels of football looking for potential new players can see the members CV on the site and if they are interested in a member they contact footballcv.com who then contacts the member and asks whether they wish to talk to that particular club. If the member says 'yes', then footballcv.com instigates an introduction of both member and club. As a member you can then book for Trials Days, enter the monthly competitions and receive newsletters. Registration and payment can be made by credit card, cheque or postal order and can be done on the website or by post. Your card details are handled by 'WorldPay', who are very secure and safeguard your account details to prevent abuse from outsiders or indeed you can register electronically and print the option page and send in a cheque.

If you wish to register by post please email or telephone 01933 420000 for an information pack.

What are the benefits of joining footballcv.com and is there an age limit?

Footballcv.com believe that there is a club 'out there' looking for players from all ages and all levels. Your CV tells of your desire to be given a trial. We register from the age of 6 upwards. We cater for those players wishing to go to a higher level or indeed players wanting to find another club.

Where does our Registration fee go?

Your registration fee goes to pay administrative staff and the technical staff running the site. The staff are also available from an office base who liaise personally with scouts / managers of clubs as well as our members.

Why do the booking fees for the Trials Day vary?

The fees are based on the costs of hiring the various stadiums. Obviously a premiership ground will cost more than a non-league ground and that is why the fees vary. The fees also cover all the staff and administration costs. All our Trials Days are on the first team pitches at the clubs we hire unless otherwise stated.

I’m in my twenties, am I too old to register and attend trials?

We have had many members in their twenties join us and subsequently found success. There is no doubt the older you are it becomes more difficult to attract a Premiership club, but many have found success at a lower level and then have climbed the leagues. Older players can often be suitable to clubs in the lower divisions.

Apart from the Trials Days that are listed on the website, will there be others to attend?

Yes. Footballcv.com is regularly in contact with football clubs to secure grounds for a Trials Day. Footballcv.com would always encourage members to keep checking the website for new dates and venues. We attempt to cover all areas of the U.K. The pattern tends to follow a series of trials from February to May and a series from July to November. The Premiership Clubs will only hire out their grounds in May during the close season before ground maintenance commences.

Due to the weather there are no trials during December and January and June is the only month in football when even club officials and scouts have a holiday!

Which Clubs attend the Trials Days?

Since the Trials Days began in 2001 nearly all of the Premiership and football league clubs have attended the Trials Days, with many from the Football Conference and non-league pyramid as well. Footballcv.com will always attempt to inform members of the clubs that are attending on the website in the ‘news’ section. Clubs normally confirm their attendance 1-2 weeks in advance of the Trials Day. There will always be the three-man ‘players panel’ at every Trials Day as well (see ‘The Trials Day’ link for more information). Most professional clubs have scouts to cover every area of the UK so it is not unusual for a club in London to send a scout to a Trials Day in Manchester.

When I go to book my position isn’t available?

When you book for a Trials Day the drop-down list will only show the positions that are still available. If your position isn’t shown it means it has been booked.


All bookings are taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

After I have made my booking what happens next?

footballcv.com will confirm your booking and will also send you a Terms and Conditions form that must be signed and returned to us before participating in the trials. You will then received all instructions, times and directions 10-14 days prior to the Trials Day.

Each game is of 45 minutes duration and are split into the relevant age groups. What to bring on the day etc. will be sent to you as well.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

Should you need to cancel your booking please advise footballcv.com FIVE working days before the Trials Day by post. You will be refunded your booking fee less 50% of the fee to cover the administration costs and bank charges.

If you cancel your booking less than FIVE working days before the Trials Day we are unable to refund or transfer the booking as the event is closed and we are unable to find replacements.

Whilst footballcv.com understands some reasons for non-attendance are valid, some members fail to turn up without any contact or valid reason. Members who regularly book and cancel or fail to attend will be prevented from making further booking as this prevents others from attending.

When and how would I hear if a club was interested in me from a Trials Day?

Footballcv.com would contact you immediately a club registered their interest in you. This is normally within 1-2 weeks of the Trials Day but can sometimes be longer. Footballcv.com would then arrange for yourself and the club to discuss the club’s interest. However, we would always ask you to keep us informed of any developments. Should you ever require advice on contracts or legal matters please contact footballcv.com who in turn can recommend a suitable company to ask for advice. We would ask members not to ring the office on a regular basis enquiring about interest – we can assure you we would contact you immediately – footballcv.com are just as excited about a club’s interest as you are!

Are the Trials Days successful for members?

We think so - over the years many members have received interest from a club and have subsequently gone on for further trials or signed for the club. (see our Success Stories for examples). It is extremely difficult to get one club scout to watch you, so to have several can be very productive.

The scouts themselves find the Trials Days very useful as they get to see over 100 players of different age groups in one day.

Please can you confirm your policies on child protection, travel arrangements and data protection?

Yes please see below:

1. All staff have the relevant qualifications including Child Protection Certificates and CRF (Criminal Record Bureau) checks. We also have a Child Protection Officer. Footballcv.com is also registered to the Data Protection Policy.

2. footballcv.com is unable to help with the arranging of any travel, accommodation, visa’s etc. We will send you directions when you book but all costs involved must be covered by yourselves.

Should footballcv.com have to cancel a Trials Day due to weather or other reasons, footballcv.com is not responsible for any costs involved in travel arrangements or accommodation.

We will always refund in full all booking fees or offer alternative dates or venues.

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